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Wed 28th Apr 2021

RESCHEDULED: Ashton Lane from 3rd November 2020


Maverick Magazine: ***** (5 stars) “A force to be reckoned with on the UK Country Scene” Americana UK: “More country music should sound like this” The Scotsman: (Artist of the Week) “They have a talent for penning catchy, radio friendly country hits” Up Country Magazine: “The very highest quality in writing, musicianship, and production…” Baylen Leonard (Radio 2/Chris Country): “Lady Antebellum are Nashville’s answer to Ashton Lane if you want my opinion” The Sunday Express: ***** (5 Stars) “It’s clear from the title track that you are listening to something special… ” The Herald: **** (4 Stars) “Esther has the best voice heard in some time. And a fine set of songs to show it off.” The List: **** (4 Stars) “She flits effortlessly between husky poppiness to soulful, stripped down and spine tingling” Allan Watkiss, UK Country Radio: “‘Breathe You In’ is one of those songs I loved on first hearing. The close harmonies throughout coupled with the almost-bluegrass instrumentation mixed into a modern country feel had me hooked straight away” Jeremy Vine (BBC Radio 2): “Fresh, self-assured and original – Esther’s music just makes you happy to be alive. What a great new talent.”

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